Ware Fitness is a family-owned fitness center focusing on personal training and group fitness. It is our mission to inspire through example. To create a welcoming, friendly, challenging yet safe atmosphere where our clients feel at home. Working closely with our clients establishing well balanced, customized health and fitness plans for each client’s personal goals. Think it, Be It, Live it.


We make it a high priority to be an asset to the communities we serve. A valuable resource to our clients and a place where our dedicated professional fitness trainers can refine their skills and continue to serve our vision.


As a young athlete growing up, George found his passion for Bodybuilding and Fitness at the early age of 17. With over 20 years of fitness experience, he continues to expand his knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. Now with his vast experience and continuous search for more knowledge in this growing society of the fitness industry, he is dedicated to empowering millions of lives to experience full Optimum Health and Wellness. George is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM who specializes in functional movement and strength training, Corrective Exercise, Weight Management, and Body Fat Reduction, Pre & Post rehab conditioning and Nutritional Counseling.  NASM-CPT, CES, FNS & WLS


After 17 years in the corporate world, Renee decided to put her knowledge and passion for health, fitness, and nutrition into effect. As a Certified Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Certified Pilates Instructor (PEI) it is her desire to utilize her experience and help others in achieving a healthy lifestyle and attain their individual goals. At the age of 14 dancing became the catalyst to Renee's lifelong journey and continued education in health and fitness. Finding the perfect combination of movement, nutrition, and consistency allowing her clients to reach their goals is what continues to drive Renee. 



  • Positive can-do attitude-We promise to inspire, motivate and maintain a strong atmosphere of positive energy in our service to our clients.

  • Constantly learn, always improve- Continued education and personal growth are the keystones to our success

  • Create community/connection-

  • Honesty, Transparency, Integrity-We keep all lines of communication open and clear.  Following through and keeping true to our word is critical in how we build and maintain our client relationships and business model

  • Be Professional-We expect a high level of professionalism in our service at all time from our team

  • "We" not "Me" attitude, team player- We work together as one with a growth mindset, not a competitive mindset.  We build upon and support one another ultimately enhancing the success of our clients and company

  • Inspire greatness through example- Believe it, Achieve it, Live it and Share it

  • Superior Service-We will provide extraordinary and unmatched service to our clients with our team of highly qualified, friendly and energetic trainers at all times

  • Accountability-We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments to our clients and teammates

  • Committed to clients-We display unwavering commitment for our client’s progress and develop relationships that make a positive difference in our client’s lives

  • Passion and Enthusiasm-To our core we are committed to creating a friendly, safe environment that exudes passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to our clients through our exceptional service

  • Client and Team success- We celebrate the success and achievements of our clients and team members at all times